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Office and commercial space for sale : Comunidad Valenciana

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Free Gas unflagged Terra secana campaign, located in term of Alicante (Muchamiel), starting from the Hoya de Planes, also known Monnegre. - Occupies an area of 26,900 m2-Linda: North, South, East and West, with the rest of the source property from which is secreted. This farm is atravesadaen North South direction, on Highway N-340. About the same has built a ESTACIO SERVICES of retail gasoline and diesel fuel, which occupies the entire surface of the farm. Built both banks of the N-340, PK 757 + 052, right bank, 757 + 122, left bank, in the municipality of Alicante. The essential provision of facilities to each margin is as follows: RIGHT MARGIN: Four islands of supply; Two suppliers six hoses and two pumps two hoses. These hoses are distributed in six of "Super", four of "Lead" and six "Oil". LEFT MARGIN: - Two islets of supply; Two suppliers six hoses, six "Super", four of "Lead" and two of "Oil". BUILDINGS: LEFT MARGIN: 168 m2 for bar-Store machinery utilities lubricants store store bar office manager, and toilet for employees. RIGHT MARGIN: 121 m2, designed stores, machinery, utilities and warehouse. TANKS: Left: - Four tanks of 40,000 liters each. Right Margin: Six tanks 40,000 liters each. Deposits of carbon steel plate, are buried within a single excavation, so that an area of river sand washed 0`50m in thickness except in the space existing between them and the walls of the same occupied by the registration casket built on the inlet of the tank, and which were store all charging accessories, suction and ventilation. Deposits are protected against corrosion by applying on the outside of a layer of zinc epoxy primer and a layer-tar epoxy finish. Four mouths of displaced load left bank. Six mouths of displaced load right bank. Canopies with a total covered area of five hundred and eighty square meters. WATER SUPPLY: Water supply is done by an underground catchment, through a well one hundred and forty feet deep, located on the left bank, to supply both margins. COMPRESSOR: The service station has two units of force, up to 12 kg / cm2. ALL FACILITIES HAVE BEEN RENOVATED IN 2012, SUPPLIES CHANGED BY BRAND NEW TOKHEIM - SPANISH MARKET LEADER FOR SUPPLY SERVICE STATION (EE.SS). REASON FOR SALE - DIVISION OF INVESTORS.
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