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Apartment for sale
15min from center
USD 590,000
  • 4 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 125 sqft

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List your property yourself

Stay in control by managing inquiries and onsite management yourself

Best if you have negotiating skills

  • Highest return on investment
  • Money-back guarantee
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Maria Whitmarsh

23 Reviews

Why work with an agent?

Let alone the reason that agents provide different kinds of expertise (local, negotiation, law and contract), be aware that foreign buyers prefer to do a real estate deal through an agent rather than work directly with a property owner. For them, working with a real estate agent is the surest way to secure their investment in their second home.

Why sign an exclusive contract?

An exclusive contract gives you some important advantages. As exclusivity is much desirable by agents, you can easily negotiate their commission. Besides, your property will be exactly located on the map, and buyers can find it using map search or browsing properties for sale in their current location.

Why Advertise With Arkadia?

Increase exposure of your ad

We increase your online exposure by multicasting your ad on leading international and European classifieds such as Trovit, Mitula and on the ListGlobally network (Leading real estate websites in Europe). View the full list.

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Target international buyers

It’s no secret that foreign buyers are becoming an increasingly important group in real estate markets globally. Multilingual descriptions ensure that foreign buyers will see your ad in their own language.

Gain more buyers through social media

Social media are now a very important source for lead generation. We will boost your listing on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to drive more attention to your property.

Get a stunning site for your property

The best way to showcase your property on the web is to create a single property website. We offer multiple free layouts featuring a property description, an image gallery, a map, a contact form, a printable flyer etc. You can select a layout for your property and immediately send a link to your prospective buyer upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which listing option is best for me?
    If you want to maximize your returns and have the time to manage your inquiries and onsite management, we recommend doing it yourself with a monthly subscription or pay-per-booking listing. If you don't have the time, we recommend getting help from a professional to handle the marketing and management of your property.
  • Can I switch listing options if I change my mind?
    For vacation rentals, you can switch from pay-per-booking to a monthly subscription at any time, and you can also switch from a monthly subscription to pay-per-booking at any time.
  • What goes with my listing?
    Every listing includes a property headline and description in different languages, unlimited photos, reviews, interactive map and calendar, and a personal Website.
  • How do I get a domain name for my personal website?
    Once you create your listing and have its ID (as CA-Txxx), you can choose one of the following templates for your personal website:

    Then, if you want your own domain name, you should register it with a domain name registrar, such as Gandi, Eurodns, Namecheap, etc. After that, from your admin panel you should point your domain name to the URL previously selected for your personal website.
  • How many agents can I work with?
    Depending on your wishes, we can put you in touch with 1, 2 or 3 agents maximum.
  • How much do real estate agents charge?
    Agent's compensation is determined by broker's commission rates and is generally based on the selling price of the property. The percentage of the commission varies from 3% to 8% on a degressive scale. In most cases, the total commission is paid by the seller once the transaction is settled. However, the commission can be split with the buyer. To do so, the seller first determines the net amount he/she wishes to receive after the sale. Then the agent adds the amount of his commission to the asking price.
  • How do you choose agents?
    We provide a list of agents who have a successful track record of advertising with us. In turn, these agents have committed to make sure you will benefit from a subscription listing on our site as well as all the benefits that come with their services that you choose.
  • How does the money-back guarantee work?
    We offer a 7 days' money-back guarantee. No ifs, ands, or buts! If you are not fully satisfied with our services, don't hesitate to contact us and claim a refund.
  • Do you charge traveler fees?
    For vacation rentals, we charge guests a 5% service fee on the amount of a reservation.
  • How does the online reservation system work?
    1. A traveler makes a reservation request
    You are notified by email and SMS. You can then refuse or accept the reservation.

    2. You accept the reservation
    You have 24 hours to accept the reservation request.

    3. The reservation is confirmed
    Once you accept the request, the reservation is confirmed. To secure the transaction, we release the money to hosts 24 hours after guest check-in.

What sites will my property be listed on?

Depending on the nature of your listing (location, property type, price, etc.) and the validation criteria of every site, your property may be listed on the following real estate portals (non-exhaustive list):

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