Add the network of listings to your site and generate more revenue

We work with partners on a revenue share basis - there’s absolutely no setup charge and we share the revenue that your site generates. It really is as simple as that. Typically we work on a simple 25/75 revenue share basis whereby you receive 25% of all revenue we earn from every single lead (an individual who has requested to speak with an agent) made by your clients.

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Arkadia API

The Developers API allows you easily to add ArKadia's listings and search to your website. is built on top of the same API, so anything you see here on can be added to your own site, in your own look and feel. If you have the technical ability to work directly with our API, ArKAdia can provide you with a key that allows you to access it directly.

Xml File Download

You can download our database in Xml format directly from our FTP server and integrate all our listings in your website! The definition of our XML format can be found here

White-Label Integration

You just need to customize your templates and CSS files. We provide you with the complete online real estate platform including database, software, payment processing, customer support, hosting and much more. All that you need to do is take care of the marketing, so spread the word and get people visiting the site!

Include your listings in the network so they are offered to millions of consumers worldwide

Pay-for-performance advertising on terms YOU define. Instead of flat-rate, one-size-fits-all advertising, you can now choose to promote individual listings or groups of listings - simply and with complete transparency. You set the price, you set the basis for the fee - clicks, inquiries, membership subscriptions, or all of the above. And you can change any of your terms at any time to achieve the listing performance you desire.

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