Multiple listing service for brokers and agents

Multiple Listing Service?

MLS is a database which allows real estate brokers representing sellers under a listing contract to widely share information about properties with real estate brokers who may represent potential buyers. Be part of our cooperative network to increase your turnover with transactions that add to rather than replace those carried out internally.

1. Add your listings on Arkadia

2. Choose partner brokers you want to share your listings with

3. Publish your ads on your partner brokers' websites

More precisely

Choose your partners

You can choose agents and brokers with who you want to share your listings and control their access rights. Thus they will be able to view, edit or publish your ads on their own site. You can also publish your fellow brokers' listings on your site if they wished to cooperate with you.

Boost your sales

When hunting for a home you are usually limited to your own listings which may lack the right variant. With the access to our agents cooperative network you are more likely to find the best suited home and close the deal rather than loose your buyer.

Close deals quickly

Reaching the right buyer may take up too much of your time. Include your listings to the MLS, set up the commission you are ready to pay and reach thousands of buyers. Your fellow agents will offer your property to their clients and together you will sell the home quickly.

Expand your geographic reach

If your client is interested in buying a home in a different city, you can suggest him to choose from MLS properties represented by real estate professionals from other cities and even countries.

Work with trustworthy partners

Members of our cooperative network are licensed brokers and agents with imposed obligations and responsibilities which guarantee the enforcement of the code of ethics and ensure that transactions are carried out with due diligence.

Increase clients' satisfaction

Your clients will be happy to know that by signing a listing agreement with you, they will also have several hundred other professionals working on their behalf through a single contact point.

Win more clients in your local market

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